Our Blog - Month: July 2016

How to Give Your Cat Medication

If your cat isn’t feeling well, we may give you medication to get your kitty back on track. Medications are prescribed in tablets & capsules or liquids & syrups. We understand that administering medication to your cat sounds like no easy task, so we are here to help! Follow these simple step-by-step instructions for an … Continue reading How to Give Your Cat Medication

Traveling With Your Companion

Our dogs are just like members of our family, so it’s natural we want to take them on vacation with us! Traveling with your pet can be a wonderful experience, but before you go, consider whether your dog will be happy on this particular trip. Some pets prefer to stay at home, or just don’t … Continue reading Traveling With Your Companion

The Golden Years: How to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

As dogs reach their senior years, they experience many of the same changes as humans. Their hair turns grey, they lose some of their strength and agility, their energy level drops, and their senses are weakened. Aging has its effects on your pup, but that doesn’t mean your dog can’t continue to live a happy … Continue reading The Golden Years: How to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

Purrrceive Your Cat’s Behavior

The idea that our feline friends don’t need as much love and attention is simply not true. Sure, cats are much different from their canine counterparts and more independent, but they still crave comfort. Deciding if your cat will live indoors or outdoors is an important decision. While there are benefits to both, living indoors … Continue reading Purrrceive Your Cat’s Behavior