How to Give Your Cat Medication

If your cat isn’t feeling well, we may give you medication to get your kitty back on track. Medications are prescribed in tablets & capsules or liquids & syrups. We understand that administering medication to your cat sounds like no easy task, so we are here to help! Follow these simple step-by-step instructions for an easier and more comfortable experience for both you and your feline friend.

Helpful & Important Tips

  • Always read the instructions
  • Administer medication exactly as directed, paying close attention to proper dosage and duration.
  • You don’t want your cat to get sick! Find out if the medication should be given on an empty stomach or with food.
  • It is easiest if your cat is on your lap or a non-slip surface
  • Stay calm! Your kitty will be able to sense if you are nervous, making it more difficult for both of you.
  • After administering medication, give your cat praise or a treat!

Let’s begin with tablets & capsules:

Step 1 – Hold the pill between your thumb and index finger. With the thumb and index finger of your other hand, gently hold the top of your cat’s head, grasping the cheekbones just behind the canine teeth.

Step 2 – Gently tilt your cat’s head back until their eyes are facing upward. Typically, a cat’s jaw will open on its own. If your cat needs some extra help, apply light pressure to the lower jaw using your middle finger bring the pill to the cat’s mouth.

Step 3 – Keep your middle finger in place to keep the jaw open. Once you deposit the pill as far into the mouth as possible, immediately close the mouth.

Step 4 – To make sure your cat swallows the pill, gently rub their throat or blow into their nostrils. To avoid bites, work as fast as you can!

With liquids & syrups, the bottle may need to be shaken prior to administration:

Step 1 – Fill a syringe or dropper with the proper dosage. Squirt the medication between your cat’s teeth and cheek

Step 2 – Immediately after, gently hold the jaw shut and tilt the head back

If the thought of sticking your finger in your beloved cat’s mouth is enough to leave you running, there are other options! We recommend pilling devices.