Pure Paws Veterinary Care of Clinton Hill is experienced in spay and neuter, mass removal, and various basic soft tissue procedures. Should your pet require a more complex operation, we have a relationship with a board certified surgeon who will perform orthopedic surgery, fracture repair, and other more complicated soft tissue procedures.

We understand that surgery may be a scary or stressful experience for you and your pet. That is why we take every precaution to make your pet’s surgery as safe and seamless as possible. Before any surgical procedure, we offer in-house blood testing to screen your pet for any conditions that could potentially create an issue during surgery. Then, our doctors individualize your pet’s anesthesia plan based on the particular procedure as well as your pet’s age, breed, blood test results, pre-existing conditions, and prior anesthetic experience. During anesthesia and surgery, a trained veterinary technician will continuously monitor your pet’s vitals, including arterial oxygen level, heart rate, respiratory rate, and core body temperature, using our advanced monitoring system.

We also seek to comfort every pet owner by providing a clear explanation of why a particular procedure is necessary, what the procedure will entail, and what post-operative care will look like.